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I have worked with Michael for over ten years and I cannot recommend him enough. I am a personal trainer who not only trusts Michael with her own bodywork needs but also those of her clients. He brings a thoughtful and critical eye to the sessions, identifying and addressing problem areas that require attention to restore optimal movement patterns. He is the consummate professional and is able to adapt his techniques to help a range of clients, from the athlete needing a more aggressive approach to the older client requiring a more gentle touch. Whether you are looking for pain relief or improving physical movement, Michael will enhance the quality of your life.


Alexandra K., NASM certified trainer, USAW Level 2 Coach, USAPL Coach


Simply put, Michael is the best. A shoulder surgery last year left my mobility lacking. After each session with Michael my shoulder felt less tight and my rang of motion was better! As an avid cross-fitter and weightlifter I look forward to each appointment as I leave feeling refreshed.  Since Michael is an athlete himself he really understands the body, he immediately identifies problem areas and spends extra time working on those areas.


Kathleen H., client


The Vital Body is well-named. My visits with Michael are vital to keeping this body going. I could not keep pushing the athletic envelope without the adjustments that remove the knots of tension that heavy workouts and too much desk-time produce. I need the kneading! Thank you, Vital Body!


Jack P., client


I have gotten multiple massages from Michael over the years. I always look forward to going in there because I know he will work out my tight spots and what has been bothering me. Playing professional soccer for the past few years, I know that taking care of my body is a must! His techniques are way more intense and impressive than your typical massage. He moves your arms, legs, neck, etc. in ways that release tension and pressure. Definitely a more active-type massage that leaves you feeling loose and refreshed. Even when I am done playing, I still plan on going back to stay feeling healthy and pain-free. Would highly recommend!.


Molly M., professional women's soccer player

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